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A health survey in the workers of municipality

Tuğba GÖKTALAY1, Ayşın ŞAKAR COŞKUN1, Yavuz HAVLUCU1, Selim Erkan AKDEMİR1, Utku DATLI1,

1 Department of Chest Diseases, Faculty of Medicine, Celal Bayar University, Manisa, Turkey,

2 Izmir Konak Municipality, Health Directory, Izmir, Turkey.


A health survey in the workers of municipality

Introduction: Internal and external air pollution that is gradually increasing due to urbanization and industrialization has a negative impact on the lung health.  A health survey has been applied to evaluate the respiratory symptoms, respiration functions and smoking habbits of the workers of Izmir Konak Municipality whom have been reported to have a high rate of smoking habbit and be affected by the external air pollution due to their being working in the field by the Municipality's doctor.

Materials and Methods: Questionnaire that are composed of the topics of work anamnesis, environmental anamnesis, curriculum vitae, symptoms (coughing, sputum, wheezing, dyspnea, hemoptysis) and smoking have been executed to 301 workers by face to face interview and their chest X-rays have been reviewed.

Results: Dyspnea on exertion, sputum in the morning, wheezing and morning cough have been the most frequently observed complaints (respectively 37.2%, 32.2%, 27.9% and 24.9%).  Sanitary workers have reported sputum in the morning more while maintanance shop workers have reported wheezing more (p values respectively 0.009, 0.008). No significance has been observed while the workers are evaluated one by one regarding to their work groups. No significant difference was identified between the addiction of smoking and nicotin addiction or pulmonary function test and chest X-rays (p> 0.05) but active smoking was much more seen in drivers (p= 0.047).

Conclusion: Although working on the hazardous work branch does not institute a sharp distinction, it becomes significant to trace and lead the workers in order to obtain their lung health protection in long term. Informing and influencing the workers about the harms of smoking and the ways to quit has been the most considerable acquisition of this survey.

Key Words: Air pollution, smoking, lung health.

Tuberk Toraks 2013; 61(1): 12-20 • doi: 10.5578/tt.4649

Received: 30/10/2012 - Accepted: 24/02/2013

Address for Correspondence:


Celal Bayar Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi,

Göğüs Hastalıkları Anabilim Dalı,


e-mail: tugbagoktalay@yahoo.com

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